Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sharing Is Caring

I know that phrase holds a lot of true meanings to it but I have to admit that I'm a type of person who finds it very hard to share things with people I'm not in a comfortable level with. My close friends might know that I don't mind going the extra mile because I sincerely care for them yet for others, I often get this bisikan hati jahat that goes 'alaaaa.... mana boleh??? i susah-susah ja berusaha selama ni tau. Mana boleh kongsi???'

Thus why I find it hard to work academically in groups, especially when it's not with the preferred few who can stand my sudden aggressiveness when defending my ideas and commenting on the others. Yes, I do get suddenly worked up when it concerns the outcome and quality of m work. I'm still learning to place myself in a position where I'm not always right and not only my idea sells but knowing myself, I know I'm gonna be too focused on getting it done the way I want that I'll end up devising it konon-konon up to my standards (yang takdelah best pun). But Insya Allah, I'll try harder in the future and do remind me when I get too insensitive when I say "Eh, kau rasa idea kau ni valid ke untuk benda yang kita buat ni?"

Still on sharing, I was blessed with superb house mates while living in Sydney and honestly, I really miss hanging out with them. I do see them everyday but it's not the same without the breakfast sessions and the late nights we had in our own little place we can truly call our own home. Rindu kamu, Nisa, Syada and Durra(not that I don't LOVE living with Nina now:p) At least, they know how fanatical I am about the toilets cleanliness, picking up your own hair in the bathroom and washing the dishes in the sink (tidakkah kau terasa?)

Anyway, I think sharing is caring only if you really care. If not, it would be sharing is tiring or sharing is boring... Owh well, I hope you got my point :)

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