Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's An Unfair World

Yesterday, I was talking or rather, chatting to a good friend who I've known for almost 5 years now. He is one who always has a great view on various issues so much so that I just love listening to him because more often than not, our views would be the total opposites but we will agree to disagree in the most funny way (knowing how uptight and headstrong I can be, that's a pretty big surprise aye?).

But his one view on the topic of our conversation yesterday was something I could not and, if I may add, refuse to comprehend, considering how much leadership work he has handled before. Well, it went like this or something to the same effect...

T: So why do you want to try so hard? Just so you know after 23 years of living, you ought to know that it's an unfair world. In Malaysia, it's an unfair system. Just deal with it

I almost caught my tongue, or rather my finger, after absorbing this opinion of his. Okay, I agree that the world has been an unfair place but why is that when you CAN change something, you simply refuse to? We talk so much about changing or shaping the new generation but we ourselves hold a principle in our mind that things are stagnant and there's nothing we can do about it.

His pessimistic view was rather hard for me to swallow as it does reflect that some people are actually holding back the needed change. Pardon the euphemism but if we're going to remain this ignorant, how can we ever make the world a better place? Small things are parts to a bigger dimension, small changes are the vehicle to a broader one. If you can't believe in the possibilities, it will remain the world as it is today.

It's an unfair world because we choose to make it so. Ye, aku frustrated :(


Anonymous said...

u really think so? I think that person has a pessimistic view about Malaysia because he knows that Malaysians controlled by the government and ISA. You could end up in court for speaking your mind. The concept of ISA itself is not fair and the way the government runs the country is not fair. So, do we speak up and be chucked in prison or do we just keep quite and accept it? Think about it

Ana Shirin said...

Thank you for your view and I appreciate your point.

Some things are indeed beyond the comprehension and power of the rakyat, if you are talking about things on a bigger scale. Sometimes, the courage to speak up requires a high price but I thank God for having people like A Samad Said who was ISAed and still courageously speak his mind up. It's people like him who has shaped a new breed of believers who are honest in their struggle for a more fair nation. I don't claim myself as one of them but their presence makes me believe that change is possible.

FYI, what I was referring to in the conversation with this friend of mine is about trying to enforce the law in my college, which would be the smaller scope of my life where I honestly think I can bring a difference to before I dare to talk about changing the nation's situation.

anyway, mr anonymous.. do name me one country where the people are not "controlled" by the government? :)

Anonymous said...

mr anonymous? u actually placed a gender on me without actually trying to find out? wow! seems to me that you know who i am! ah...those were the days.. yea, i do admit it is a microcosm of our enjoy college life!