Thursday, February 21, 2008


I've been tagged by Nisa and I was pretty bored too.. hahahaha. Anyway, it's all about being a reflective practitioner regardless of what your practices might be...

10 years ago………..
The beginning of many beautiful friendships started when I was 13 where almost all of them lasted until today as we kept in touch constantly. My friends from my schooling years help me to always feel a sense of youth and relevant to the nature of my being. In other words, they help to define me and my lifelah. Besides that, I can clearly remember that I was very adamant on not going to any boarding schools despite the relatively good results and being the cool parents that they are, mummy and daddy just let me be. 13 was also the age when I knew the meaning of being serious and focused on the future by setting my aims and future career path (",)

5 years ago………
Was still dealing the loss of my arwah daddy (honestly,it's never going to be easy). I also worked in my mama's shop and earning some bucks to support self. Coming to IPBA was another defining moment of my life where I learnt how to become a thinker and a progressor.

1 year ago………
Was full of mixed emotions... Around this time, I was back in Sydney after a long holiday in Malaysia. Learnt that the relationship I had was based on lies, felt wasted and promised to stay focused on studies (Alhamdulillah for the diversion). Alhamdulillah again for the great house mates with whom I got to share laughter and tears, the fantastic lecturers (miss Dan O'Brien, Rod Lane, Ilija Casule & George Cooney in particular)and exhausting learning experiences...

Yesterday I was…….
hanging out for lunch at Makbul TTDI with Nina, Durra, Aimi and Nisya after LTP's tutorial where we got banged quite badly by Miss Lum (tidakkah kau penat?). Attended this really inspiring seminar on teachers' accountability by Mrs Vasantha Mallar before going to Gulai Kampung for a roti canai for tea. Blogged a bit and went for dinner... plainly said, it was all about makan :p

5 snacks I enjoy………
1. hotdog
2. burger
3. rojak pasembor
4. fifi and aidid's food (apa-apa sahaja just to annoy them
5. cheesecakes

5 songs I know all the words to…….
1. Ayu- V.E
2. Dil To Pagal Hai (tidakkah kau terkejut?)
3. Ordinary People- John Legend
4. Negaraku
5. Dilanda Cinta- Shanon Shah

5 bad habits………

1. fusses over trivial things (e.g expects matched set of cutlery di kedai makan)
2. procrastinates
3. listens to music loudly (ganggu orang!)
4. cuts into a discussion or conversation abruptly
5. often makes remarks about everything regardless of whether you're interested to know or not :p

5 biggest joy…….

1. Family (Mummy, Fifi, Aidid, Sunny)
2. Close friends
3. Good books
4. Great Music
5. Knowing that all of my loved ones are happy :)

5 favourite toys……..

1. my handphones
2. my PC
3. nina's lappy
4. aidid's race cars
5. fifi's vast collection of barbie dolls

5 favourite tv shows…….
1. Rove
2. Chaser's War On Everything
3. Majalah 3
4. Spongebob Squarepants
5. Kevin Hill

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