Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Slick Click

The world is no longer a secure place. Nowadays, the notion of privacy is being invaded everyday not only by your sister who would jump over the fence out of happiness whenever you forgot to lock that diary up but also by almost everyone and anyone. Ok, a simple test… How many of us have been Googling up their ex and updating ourself on their daily life by sneaking around their Friendster or MySpace?? Reading up their new found love’s lovey dovey testimonials and comments while pretending to be disgusted??

If you’re possibly one of the 50 million users of MySpace or Friendster (number might have grown), you might know what I’m talking about. We have people on our friend’s list whom we barely know or remember but look at how many has viewed our page and do care to see how many you don’t have a clue where they came to know about your webpage. Scary notion, huh? But the sad thing is that we have advertised and advocated these invasions of privacy without even realising it half of the time.

In addition, we are also known as the generation of (fake) Reality TV and to tell you the absolute truth, I’ve never been proud of that. Yet I do find me telling myself, hurrm… it would be okay to see what the Big Brother contestants are doing at the middle of a Wednesday afternoon when they have absolutely no medium of entertainment at all… I make them my entertainment instead; as if I need to know what I can possibly do if I was stuck with 12 non-significant others with very low mental capacity in a house without my PC.

So, have we become the ignorant and crude bunch that the older and definitely not cooler generation saying we are? Have we lost the sense of respecting other people and is our nosiness getting over the limit? I knew it was true when I start wishing that Britney Spears would next be caught weaning her baby boy while getting a tattoo or probably decide to actually become a singer. We all crave for something bad or extravagant to happen in order to satisfy our curiosity. We decided that we have seen it all and we postulate that only the bad and the ugly can help us to renew that notion. Ever since everything is only a click away, we should have known we are to be altered forever and let’s hope this will not be the nadir of human civilisation. Fingers off that mouse and keep them crossed!


Anonymous said...

moral value- do not keep a diary! hahahaha

.:alin~yussuff:. said...

u've been tagged..
sile visit my blog for more info yer..

Anonymous said...

hurm... hurm... i'm guilty of charge, of looking into pages of urm, whoeverlah... n putting myself invisible while viewing them... well, actually, sorg je, that one particular gal.. haha... but it's kinda cool, nanti my "who's viewed me" gets resetted, so i taula who has recently viewed me (eh, nape aku kesah ek???)... haha... well, put it this way, if u dun wana advertise yourself or put yourself in the danger of being viewed, dun be in any public websites, or u cud restrict who views your page... huhu... well, there's always pros and cons in anything. if there is no reality tv, wud we ever find Jac n Faizal OIAM? nooo... that wud be a shame isn't it??? but to the people who goes to auditions, please, please, let some people (or lots) hear ur voice first before u go on tv... if u dun have the talent, please dun let the whole world know...

Ana Shirin said...

Nina & anonymous: point taken, people

alin: saya takde tag!