Friday, March 02, 2007

Malaysia's Got Talent

Infinatez is definitely one of the nation's best vocal groups and thanks to Gangstarz, Malaysia is able to watch them showcase what they do best... simply singing their hearts out as well as maintaining who they really are to their friends..

Infinatez has been around and seeing from the raving feedback (judging from the fact that my mum is their number one fan, hence the special top up card to vote for her now-favourite R&B group), they are here to stay..

too bad, I came back too early to miss out on watching them perform live on stage... That would have been better considering i haven't seen much of them during my holidays in Malaysia. Though, i'm loving Alvin as part of the group, a needed revamp, a guided change (so, alvin.... ape cite project solo?? need that anticipated record.. hehehehe)

Changes are good (andy's hair is straighter than mine now) and I look forward to being in the Fan Club.. besides, where would a group be without their so-called "groupie"

here is a clip from their first performance in gangstarz, enjoy and for those in Malaysia, VOTE!

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Anonymous said...

yes, i agree that Infinatez has got talents, and hopefully, they won't just fly, but soar in the entertainment industry! =) harap2 mereka menang gangstarz =)