Monday, October 09, 2006

My Current Favourites

Giler siot!!!!!!!! VE and dayang are the bomb.. hehehehehehehehe. Rasanya Alicia and Usher bungkus kalau tengok

I'm really enjoying this song by VE entitled Ikhlas tapi Jauh (used to be sung by Zainal Abidin)... people, you know why... hehehehehehehehehehe

But i really think that the vocal arrangement and the music arrangement for this song sangat mantap. VE recorded the song for the OST of a new Malay movie, Cinta starring Sharifah Amani, Fasha Sandha, Rita Rudaini, Pierre (alahai pierre-ku), Shidee, Rahim Razali, Eizlan Yusof and a lot more.. My mum said the movie is ala-ala Love Actually and she's going to watch this movie for our family's usual Hari Raya Wayang Day (which i sadly have to be absent this year)

saya ikhlas walaupun saya jauh dari anda sekarang : )

Nanti by Innuendo... The pioneer of Malaysian R&B scene... i really love this VC. It did won the Best VC award at AIM2002. I think the VC is quitessential in the sense that the makers (innuendo themselves, pot and taj specifically) have so much concern over the Malay culture. I know that some people might argue with my statement, saying that the Malay culture may not be best represented through the 1950's decade and that is through cinemas but I think that is the most documented time of the Malay glory. Name me someone who can completely replace P.Ramlee then we can talk... Our culture is not only represented by what we might call "traditional" dances or stories, it is the values and the language that bonds us together as one.

Plus, if you noticed, you can see VE and Ruffedge members before they become big. VE, RE and Innuendo collaborated on this song making it one of the most melodically rich and tantalising song in BrandNuEndo (after One, Two, The Movies and Ratu Hati... of course)

This song, Save Room, on the other hand, is the new single by John Legend from his upcoming album, Once Again. UUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH... I'm crazy about John Legend and this motownish sounding song just keeps me getting more addicted to him. Just the right lyrics.. If you like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and Bill Withers, you'd be certainly drawn into this song too... John Legend, a voice of Eclairs...


durra~ said...

clip 1- i like this clip coz the clip looks cool but if it wasn't for the poor quality i would of enjoyed it more

clip 2-yeah this is one creative clip for sure.hebat gak derang.suke lagu nanti.thought i had it in my playlist .weh downloadkan.hehe

clip 3-astaga ana.bulan2 pose ni!ish,ish ish.

Ana Shirin said...

asbestos.. aku tengok VC number 3 tutup matalah.. hehehehehe

Rosyada said...

ye ke ana???