Monday, October 16, 2006

Dreams are fine what???

5 of my Dream Vocations, as tiru-ed from Syada's latest blog entry.. Mari mengimbau kisah-kisah lama, kawan-kawan...

1) Lecturer- on the right path, I guess.. I always wanted to become a teacher and move further on the ladder. The profession just fascinates me and I think there's much I can do with this position in my life. Agree, people??

2) Novelist- I love writing (although most of the time, it qualifies as merepek) and I feel this is the medium where I can let people know me better or probably see my sense of supposedly-poignant view over the world. I remember the days when I'd ask my mum to read all my pieces and she'll just smile with a pat on my back while saying "You're doing just fine, yen.." Hurrrrmmmm.. but then again, it's the mum's job to make their children feel good...

3) Disc Jockey or Club DJ- Ok, stop laughing.. it's not that funny pun. believe it or not, i still want to be one.. planning to learn the techniques when I return home. Just for fun and to quench my curiousity... Well, i am just 21 years old, after all

4) Photographer- tangkap gambar pun selalu tertutup flash.. camne nak jadi photographer??? hahahahahaha

5) Journalist- again because of the whole writing fiasco and wanting people to see the world through my eyes

I have a new job on mind right now, something I'd like to further develop my interest on the future... Probably when I finish my contract with the government or when i do my masters, i'd like to get into media analysis (ala-ala assignment Sociolinguistics gitu).. i love how people can say what they want to say in many different ways yet still achieve their purpose.. Still think that human developed from apes???


Rosyada said...

sorry ana but couldn't control my laughter upon seeing no 3 ..


.:alin~yussuff:. said...

klu u berjaya jadik yg no 3 tu kan..
i nak u jadik dj kat wedding i..

ah^kam koko' said...

good vision, Anna!
im ur supporter!