Saturday, October 21, 2006


Lately, i've been feeling very, very unstable.. Don't really know why... Not really sure how i got to this stage... Is it being far from the people i love and care for?? Is it because i think i'm just not doing good enough?? At times, I think and feel that i'm selfish, in fact, very selfish. I want all the attention on me, perhaps... but come to think of it, kenapa pulak nak give me all the attention? probably because I give all my attention to you... I'm not getting myself, so don't worry.. My mind is in a state of disarray... But i don't know how i came to it...


Rosyada said...

it's normal to feel that way i guess since raya is coming up real soon.

but like u said: "it all boils down to the portion of the milk in the glass"

half-full or half-empty??

Ana Shirin said...

currently, half full... been talking to all the important people in my life... been hanging around with all the people that keeps my battery charged... i guess it's all true after all ; )