Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Men who make me laugh!

Hamish Blake and Andy Lee

Hamish "uno" Blake (L) and Andy "bruce" Lee

Two seriously funny, funny men.. Hamish and Andy are soooooo damn comel. People who watch Thank God You're Here as religiously as I do would definitely know what I mean and damn, they can really tickle me silly. Plus, the cult show "Real Stories" which got really good review also managed to capture the essence of real comedy infused in what is called "the 5th best current affair show in Australia".. hahahaha.. Naomi Robson of Today Tonight and Tracy Grimshaw of Current Affair should watch this and realise how nonsical their shows really are.

Hamish and Andy met at the University of Melbourne before deciding that they should become partners in crime and reign the radio talkshows before moving on to TV shows. Andy Lee was also Cleo's Eligible Bachelor for 2006 (as you can see why...) here is my favourite snippet from Real Stories

Grounded For Life


Rosyada said...

ana, kita leh tubuhkan fan club hamish & andy kat macQ.

u jd presiden. lol

ahli: syada + nisa

Ana Shirin said...

boleh.. boleh sangat... hahaha