Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Pressure Is On

100 days have passed since Barack Obama has been inaugurated as the President of USA and his performance, undoubtedly, has been scrutinised by all. It is a huge responsibility for the man as he has been eagerly embraced as an agent of change all around the world.

As far as I've read and am currently aware of, Obama has introduced quite well crafted policies focusing on a more human-centred health care programme that doesn't leave people as sickos, establishing security without inciting fear through the abolishment of Guatanamo Bay and inhumane interrogation strategies, a slowed down yet proactive economy system and a strong emphasis on green, new energy. These policies are developed and drafted by a think tank of carefully selected personnel who are either Democrats or Republicans traveled widely or spent their childhood outside America. It makes the government a United Nations in its own right, understanding and emphatising with people or issues they are dealing with.

Heck, the man even appeared on Jay Leno Show! Kau rasalah Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak nak tak masuk that AC Di Sini show? I think I can cut my.. errr.. my students' fingers if he did (Okay, siapa nak selamatkan maruah Miss Ana kalau terjadi?) He also quite rightfully paid a visit to Hugo Chavez, approached cheering crowds and avid fans (read: Sarkozy) all over Central Europe although he is yet to strike a note in Asia (exception to the rally down to Iraq and Afghanistan). However, do note that Hillary Clinton as the Secretary of State flew down to China and then Indonesia during her first trip, thus acknowledging the current government's awareness of what or who is important. China as its position as the next economy powerhouse and Indonesia as the house of largest number of Muslims (250 million and counting...)

Though I have this curious feeling that his election period was more engaging and promising than his current administrating stint. I wish that the Palestine-Isreal issue will be dealt with the same depth as the Afghans, that education policies can be clarified on whether teachers are rewarded based on merit or tenancy and more importantly, a serious look into the "No Child Left Behind" policy that has, as a matter of fact, caused a 30% hike on the number of dropouts since Bush 43's administration. Also a serious talk with Ahmedinejad. Yes, N.E.E.D it. Who am I to tell Obama what to do but I sure wish I could. That is a small hope but I'm sure that feeling is shared by a myriad of people who wants change to be a strong part of their life.

Obama has 1000 days more to go, so we are only at his first 100 metres of 1000 metres race. Only when he has completed the whole yard we can tell whether the man comes out as winner or loser. As with long distance race, we start slow and speed up towards the end. The race is still going on...


ah^kam_koko' said...

You really are an Obama fan, aren't you?

Ana Shirin said...

can i not be more obvious, my friend?