Tuesday, May 05, 2009

My Little 3 Days

I haven't had the opportunity to go back to KL and laze for more than 4 days. Even so, whenever I do go back, my days start as early as 8am and ends at 3am. Even worst than my working days, sometimes...

So during the long weekend recently, I have learnt to drive which is a pretty big deal to me (Aha! Aha!) And guess what? I love driving! I don't know what I was so afraid of. It's like a breeze through the air and I learnt to drive Nabil's manual Wira. It was a great one hour for me (I don't know about Nabil though, maybe he was crossing his fingers that I won't bump into a divider). Still have to work out on manouvering though, quite hopeless with it. Tried driving our auto Gen-2, it's definitely easier but I feel I get a kick out of manual cars (waaah, statement gitu!)

I also managed to go to 2 weddings including Acap's sister's. Kak Fakizah was soooo pretty that I envy her grace on that day. The parents looked elated too although I know they are extremely fatigued. Acap had to leave before the event ended as he had to rush to the airport because he had a test the next day. So we only had one and half hour to catch up and chill. So, that we did! We just sat at the Big Apple outlet in SAAS Airport and laughed our hearts out, basically talking about nothing over a dozen of donuts all sliced up into three parts as well as a cup of hot peppermint tea (obviously!). I say that is bliss, bois.

The Mother was quite busy during the weekend, a woman of her calibre is usually as such. I think she needs a PDA to organise her schedule. Yet still, she managed to find time to spring clean the house which ultimately resulted in the house being in temporary wreck. She was complaining that life was so much easier when I was around (yeah, mummy.. rub it in.. it doesn't sting). Now she feels like she has to do everything on her own. I wished my siblings were more understanding and could help out. Sometimes, I wish I could smack some sense into their heads. The middle child is always the best.. (What? No connection.. Still, I want to say it!)

Also met the darling Aimi after two months. Seeing her only made me miss my other girls moooooore. Durra was supposed to join us but some amuking hindered her from doing so. I shopped in Bangsar but didn't really find something I liked. Takpa, when we meet in June, we are going the paint the town red, yellow, green and blue. Got a hold on Joe Flizzow's President which was very hard to find either in Kuantan or KL. Hung out at Devi's, got free bubur kacang (maybe because regular customer yang dah lama tak nampak, kasih sayang melimpah ruah gitu) and then, head down to Chawan to have the unbelievably awesome nasi lemak bungkus.

I also did another thing I haven't done in quite some time, it was good to just let loose and be lost in it. I felt euphoric for that brief period (pardon the sudden indirectness, get the hint if you can... lalala). However, I didn't manage to catch up with MFG as we were both quite occupied and our schedule just clashed all the way. Owh well, next time perhaps.. June is drawing near... Can't wait to be back :)


sd. said...

i just can feel what you feel. overloaded with kasih sayang. (wah. statement!) :p

3 solid days i flew to jb. yes. jb which is in semenanjung. haha.

imagine the city, the food, the shopping and of course him. and last time i met him was last july tho.

jom sama2 menunggu jun pulak!

Ana Shirin said...

saydaaaa.. you flew down to JB. I am aware that you are now an OKB but please don't make me envy you...