Sunday, May 31, 2009

Caring Too Much

A very wise person said that teachers experience burn outs during the first three years because they do not have enough time spaced out for themselves. That we are supposed to find our own self in the process.

I'm not entirely sure why but these few days have taken a toll on my physical, mental and emotional state of being. Burn Out and Hatred of Job!

I feel that I've failed sometimes, I feel that it is extremely hard to accept new opinions, I feel that I'm not really needed sometimes, I feel that I am placing too much pressure on them, I feel that I have not taught them enough and yes, I do feel under appreciated at times.

We, as teachers, are not supposed to crave for appreciation. True indeed and that is something I'm trying to deal with. Previously, I get acknowledged for my effort but now, it is sort of expected when in fact, we feel that we have given or are giving more than required.

Maybe what I need to do is sleep at 9pm like most teachers here. Lantaklah kau boleh bercakap or not, yang penting AKU cukup tidur.


ah^kam_koko' said...

We need to learn to pace ourselves, eh?
But it aint easy...
Our work is tough.

We've only been working for 3-4 months so we cant say that we know everything there is to teaching in Malaysia...
Let's persevere for another 3-4 years before we make a final decision.

Ana Shirin said...

indeed, indeed.. it's a pretty confusing phase in my life.. haha

tasha said...

yeaa ana. yang penting cukup tido hehe i sleep at 9pm almost every working night :)