Tuesday, February 10, 2009


A list of shocking, unnerving and funny things that I've come across this few days

GPK 1 said this in the assembly
En A: Kalau main sepak takraw tu, elok-elok... bagi lipat. Jangan asyik lipat net pulak

A student passing by in front of koperasi and peeking into the room. Thinking that he might need something, I asked him this:
Me: What are you looking for?
Student: I'm looking forward, teacher (sambil jalan menuju ke hadapan membiarkan daku terpinga-pinga)

A student complaining that he is hungry
Me: Why don't you go and buy something?
Student: My money tertinggal..... (long pause) in the bank, teacher.

A student who is in my debate team came straight to me with a cheeky smile
Student: Is it hot in here or is it just you?

Guano! It will be hard to stay stoic and keep a straight face with these kinds of joke...


Anonymous said...

haha damn these are really funny.

best gila yg 'looking forward' tu!

NFA said...

seriously, i wish my ss leh wat lawak english gni. haha. i tgh glak kuat2 dan sorg2. my hsemates lum balik. im looking frward too, ana. March. March. March. Makan. t.cre babe!


Anonymous said...

haha. damn!

students. always made our day.


Ana Shirin said...

zek: these are things I can remember... I can spend one whole day just writing down funny stuff they do

faa: jangan gelak guling2 sudaaah..
March! March!

nisa: duly agreed ;)

sd. said...

bawak buku nota gi mana2 ana.buat collection.mana tau bleh buat buku nnt.

School is funny. Isn't it?

i WANT to buy your book!

cek^sou! said...

student u species ape ni???


i suke yg looking foward tu.. serious lepas ni i ciplak! :p

ah^kam_koko' said...

My students sound funny even when they pronounce simple English/Malay words.
Heavy Bahasa Iban influence.
I laugh at them all the time with a straight face.

Mich.T said...

hahahaha.. tcher, kelakar gler student2 tcher.. where are u teaching now?

Betty A. said...

i used to hate bdk sekolah...sbb diaorg suke merepek. lg2 bila kite org muda. lucky u sbb ajak sek. integrasi. i mean all of em are educated. kalau bdk kg diaorg tak ckp mcm tu kot...huuh

umi ameer said...

Hi ana,
- got to know this blog from alice and come to enjoy it now..
- yes, also looking forward to your next entry nak tau apa2 lagi yang funny2 buat pedoman ngajar anak2 i kat umah tu!


suefin said...

very funny!
need to compile all these gems into a book! students say the darndest things =)

Anonymous said...

omg! that looking forward tu is genius!! haha

in my case my students diorg se-lowwww sikitla but they are funny without intending to be funny.

e.g me : ok what is a gardener?
student A dgn confidentnya menjawab "rotiiiii!!!!"

tell me how can u not laugh at that? haha miss u ana!


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