Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Wonder...

I have been slumped with endless job since I've started working and the main reason behind all these extra work has been because "You are unmarried thus you don't have commitment yet". Just so you know, my plans to raid KL this weekend which I have been anticipating since last week has to be cancelled due to notice given yesterday that I have to handle a motivation camp for students. Jumaat nak buat, Isnin baru bitau... Yeah, I'm single so I surely have no plans or a life!

How ridiculous, no? I thought single people have more commitment and thus should be given more time to explore things (if you know what I mean). We only have a few years left before we are also chained down to the commitment they all speak of with fear now. If we don't socialise now, when should we? When we have 3 kids running around our tables every night?

I think this is an unfair treatment! I strongly feel that single people should have extra holidays! I will advocate this to NUTP!

Okay, I will mellow down now. I will just go and do what they ask me to do, including sleeping in tents even though I used to ask my mum to write exemption letters for me whenever I had to attend any seriously increduluous motivation camps while I was in school. You think my mum can still do that for me now?