Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Aisey, He's Dead Already!

"May I a small house and large garden have,
And a few friends, and many Books, both true,
Both wise, and Both delightful too."

Abraham Cowley, 1618-1667 (English Poet)

Hold up, this man is supposed to be dead now? Gosh, I lost my soul mate already!

Coincidentally, we share the same dreamslah, Mr Cowley. Cowley was an intellect, royal spy and renowned doctor of his time. I am probably partially all that plus a bit more (apa gelak-gelak? true what??! oklah, i pun join gelak juga.. hahahaha). Yet, the both of us don't look to get a lot of things in our life, just what makes us happy enough. For me, I only seek a comfortable life with my family and keep the small number of friends I have retained in my life for more than 10 years now. And also to read as many books as I can. Both wise, both delightful..

And he's has been dead for about 300 years now. So apparently all the good guys are either taken, gay or dead... Better keep all the good men you have securely.


sd. said...

ye betul!

pegang kemas2. hehe

Ana Shirin said...

sayda, you ni ada internet sepanjang masa ke?? laju jaaa komennya :p