Saturday, December 08, 2007

Of Many Illusions

I was out with Durra, Fariza and Syada to Borders yesterday to do a little vital reading, accompanied with a cup of coffee to complete the mood. The posse read completely different things, I was tuned in to Rolling Stones and Blender (that features Jiggaman on the cover this month) the whole while, Fariza was very much into the gossip mags (gossip girls.. XOXO.. haha), Syada was attempting another book by a thai writer who wrote a book she has just finished reading and Durra was flipping through anything that was within reach. Owhh... yeah! I just realised that I have this annoying habit of laughing out loud and making remarks about the things I read.. Even worse, I constantly have the urge to share it with anyone who's willing (or not) to hear it. Will keep in mind to only say what I think when it's relevant and smart :p

After 2 hours, we decided to go back and it was about to rain heavily then. So in order to drift my mind away from the impending storm, I created this silly game of matching my friends to a certain celebrity.. It started in Borders actually when I saw Beyonce on a cover and told Fariza that I love Beyonce and would like to be her while Fariza wants to be Posh! So here is a list of a few nominations we came up with.. haha

Durra, Ana (and later at home, Nisa) decided that Fariza's character is like:
a) Julia Roberts
b) Jessica Simpson

Ana, Nisa and Fariza decided that Durra's character is like:
a) Reese Witherspoon
b) Reene Zelleweger

Nisa, Durra and Fariza decided that Ana's character is like:
a) Jennifer Lopez
b) Katie Holmes

Ana, Durra and Fariza decided that Nisa's character is like:
a) Oprah Winfrey
b) Queen Latifah

Durra, Ana, Nisa and Fariza decided that Syada's character is like:
a) Rosario Dawson
b) Anne Hathaway

Ana, Durra and Nisa decided that Tasha's character is like:
a) Delta Goodrem
b) Ellen Pompei

Yeah, that was how random the conversation was and how bored we all were.. I guess your friends are the best one after your mum to say who you are (are they?)..haha.


Anonymous said...

Nisa's and Fariza's paling macam kena gak ah. Tapi Fariza nye paling x bole blah. Jessica Simpson? Hahaha Bole bayang die nyanyi whole-heartedly to "I Belong to Meeeeeee....."

ok. Memang xpernah dikaitkan dengan celebrities' characters before. So, just out of curiousity, y delta and ellen? hehehe but of course i'm flattered la kan sbb ade delta! lol! :P


Ana Shirin said...

owwhhh.. delta goodrem sebab we thought you cakap macam dia,senyum macam dia, strong macam dia and dressing sense pun fashionable macam dia :)

ellen sebaaaaab errr.. errr... sometimes you can be a little indecisive and hemo sikit kadang2 :p (jangan marah, tasha!)

Anonymous said...

hah! tang ellen tu i dah agak dah! hehe takpe. at least i know who i am kan.


Anonymous said...

hahahah xoxo gossip girl envy confirm kan ke jessica simpson an...hahahahhaha

fariza roberts simpson...