Sunday, December 09, 2007

And She's Good!

My dad listens to some of Los Zafiros' songs but I never did hear or know much about them. Just happened to google them today out of curiosity and found this video on youtube. This song is titled "Y Sabes Bien" and it's about a good girl (as the title suggests) who the guy is in love with. It's one of their biggest hits as at the peak of their success, they were Cuba's (or South America, in general) biggest chart topper next to The Beatles. I love the simple but sincere words they used in the songs. Kau berani buat harmony camni?? hahahaha

(To all the people who I've annoyed by sending them the link to the video, I'm "sorry" ;p)


Anonymous said...

anaaaaaaaaaaaa.i watched the documentary about the group..i even cried ok..i like the ending..the part when the guy hopes that his family will keep the ring because it is like a tv scree that reminds him the glamorous time of the group..i watched it till the end..

fariza roberts..hihihiih

Ana Shirin said...

fariza... documentary ape ni?? when did they show it?? i tak tahu pun :(