Monday, December 03, 2007

Ceritera Cinta :)

Sampai hati nobody told me that Lah replaced Rio Febian to sing a duet with Jaclyn Victor in Separuh Akhir Muzik-Muzik 22 for Ceritera Cinta. I just happened to stumble upon the video on youtube today after about two weeks it was aired on TV3.

I liked it very much even if there are bits and pieces that might not be top quality stuff (2nd chorus was a bit here and there). The two final chorus and bridge was great!Jac strut her stuff but of course all of us can see that wasn't her 110%. Lah was exceptionally good too. I know some of you are smiling going, "Ana, you're biased." No, I'm not. I won't say Lah did a better job than Rio because that's not fair on either side as they need not be compared. This combination, however, did work quite well and I wonder if Lah is still going to sing the song in the finals (yes, they got through because this is, indeed, a composition that needs to be acknowledged)

All the best to Jaclyn Victor... We need you to win again :)


Anonymous said...

i bole bayang time lah kuar tu u jerit2 blushing2 sane sini. hahaha


Ana Shirin said...

hisshhh... tasha! pecahlah rahsia i macam ni :p laki orang ok???hahaha

Lynn said...

ala rasa bersalah plak tak bagitau u that Lah peformed with Jac hehehe