Sunday, December 02, 2007


I've been haunted by another commercial jingle and have been singing the bits that's featured in it. The ad I'm talking about is the IPod Touch one where there's a girl singing "Music is my girlfriend, Music is my boyfriend, Music is my dead end and lalalalala". So out of curiosity I googled it today and found out after 3 weeks of constant singing that it's actually a full length song sung by a group called CSS entitled "Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex" (adik, takde tajuk lain ke???). But it is darn catchy and I love the cheekiness of the song. Macam comel dan boleh menari bersama clumsily with your friends... (nina, jom, jom! hahaha.)

Have A Watch!

*nak download lagu ni but terkejut pulak mummyku melihat lagu bertajuk begini dlm playlist anak dia.. haha*


zek said...

omigod i love CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy, "i'm tired of being sexy") so much!

listen to "Let's Make Love & Listen to Death From Above" and "Alala" also. The lead singer, Lovefoxxx is so damn cute! She's half Brasilian and Japanese.

You might think they're racy, but they can't beat they're Brasilian baile funk counterpart, Bonde do Role..(yang buat lagu for iklan Bonds Kaleidoscope underwears)

Ana Shirin said...

yeah, i think i've listened to bonde do role's music and found that they are more fascinating... but i never thought of a comparison with CSS

tapi i tgk gak semua video CSS kat youtube.. haha

(i really should go to Brazil!)