Wednesday, November 14, 2007


This is a hard subject to tackle and I know it's kind of risky to talk about this, in case it backfires in the future but I feel obliged to get this out of my head. We all know that there's always two sides to a coin, heads or tails. In some things, the distinction might be blurred yet in others, it simply explains itself effortlessly, like when I say that not everyone appreciates a public display of affection everywhere and everytime.

When we talk about this, some of us can be taken as guilty for having done it at some point of life, regardless of whether as a married couple or not. But we all glare at the over displaying of these affections. It's really hard to say how much is too much but I think it is necessary sometimes to consider your surroundings and the people there. I understand that an awful lot of time, we get so immersed in love and forget everyone else but hey, we tolerate you most of the times so spare us some of the wayang.

It's unavoidable to hear people targetting some of these proprietors of PDAs when their relationship breaks up, saying "Well, it still didn't last regardless of how much you want everybody to know". I'm struggling to keep myself objective here but my eyes are telling my brain that they have endured too much all this while :P Just one thing, keep it in right dosages to have everyone, especially yourself happy...

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