Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Footballer Of The Year (and The Heart)

I love Kaka, sometimes for the wrong reasons but we will all have to accept the fact that he is a truly good player. Hearing that he is the favourite to win the coveted Footballer of the Year award adds to the need to continue loving him. Ok, ok.. I admit that I adore him mostly for that jet black hair and gorgeous, gorgeous face :P Plus the fact that he was still a "V" when he got married recently. How cute is that considering he look that good and comes from Brasilia with hot chicks basically just popping around EVERYWHERE... If he can do it, why not all of us out here? You Go, Kaka!

I know I shouldn't be focusing on the private side of his life outside the field but it's just so tempting to continue googling him and have pictures of him clad in Armani suits (drool). No wonder guys hate it when we watch football with them (jeleslah tu!).. haha


mysteryyyyyyy said...

he looks like me kot ana. ahhahahahahaha. look closely *sampai juleng*.GAAAAWDDDDDD prasan plis. =) =) =) =)

Ana Shirin said...

mysteryyyyyy: OMG! sama ye?? biar i tenung lama-lama :p