Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Apa C.L.A.Z?

Thanks to the ever-updating Souldeliters (angkat topi kepada Fauzan), I stumbled upon this link and discovered the sounds and voices behind a song called "Bukan"... For the time being, there's only one songlah but I tell you, OKlah this one, very 90s R&B, I think.. Lagu to pujuk your girlfriend if she's sulking when you accidently scolded her (yeah, s**t happens)... There are parts in the songs that can be a little bit weird but it's tolerable after a few listens. I think the voices sound terribly familiar but can't say anythinglah because it's not confirmed. Is this supposed to be a secret project or something(ala-ala Tyco circa 2000 kot)???

Just hope all that happens will continue to happen, not something that passes by with the wind and gone in a split second..

to have a listen, go to and drop comments :)

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