Thursday, April 19, 2007

What is Ana Watching on the TV?

If ever you've wondered why the hell don't we see Ana around that often, this is probably what she's watching on the TV in her room:

1) Rove- the refurbished talkshow by Rove McManus has a new timeslot on Channel Ten. It now airs every Sunday, at 8.30pm and is back after a 5 month break due to the passing of his ever sweet wifey, Belinda Emmet-McManus. The first week show was a delight to watch although I could sense that the audience were too polite to laugh even to ridiculously funny Hamish & Andy. Probably the audience felt that Rove still needs to be in the grieving mode... like NOT! Many remarked that Rove looked slightly older, probably it's the lost twinkle in the eye hence the load of what looks like smudged make up on Rove's elf-ish face during the second show... But all the same, he's back to rule the box.

2) ABC Kids (Children Programmes)- I wonder why they haven't imported these cartoon shows to Malaysia. Minus Lights, Camera, Action, The Wiggles (although I have to "shyly" admit that my favourite Wiggles is The Blue Wiggle), ABC has a deposit of cartoons that are educational and entertaining at the same time. My favourite has got to be Pocoyo , Bernard , Little Princess and Arthur.

3) Chappelle's Show- shown very late on saturday nights should make this show unwatchable. surprisingly, i tune in no matter how tired i am. dave chappelle is HILLARIOUS... political correctness and sensitivity are not the vocabularies in his repertoire. serious, dia sangat lawaaaak... plus the frequent famous names *cough-mos def-cough* doing guest appearance on his show does help my loyalty.

4) Jamie At Home- shown on Channel Ten every Thursday at 7.30pm, he makes me love the idea of you can cook anything into a beautiful dish.

5) Short On Screen (S.O.S)- a compilation of short movies from around the world shown on SBS at around 11pm every Saturday. Grosteque, Beauty, Rythm, Silence, Watch, Blind

6) Dateline- amazing interviews, although it clashes with House at 8.30pm every wednesday

7) The Simpsons- d-oh!

*notice how the review gets shorter... that's the petanda that there's something on TV now*


~CaSPeR BaBy~ said...

ROve tu kelakar n sweet..i bet u ni peminat setia Rove ni..i peminat setia Dr. HOuse tak de kes rebut2 k..hehehhe

Ana Shirin said...

tak nak rebut pun dgn fariza.. eh, kenapa puji2 rove ni??? mana boleeeeeh.... :p

tasha said...

ana, u tau x mase anniversary marriage die yg lps nih after her wife passed away kan, die gi brissy sorang2 then dok tepi pantai layan perasaan dengar fav song late wife dia. that's how he celebrated their anniversary. sedih kan? sayang betol dia kat wife dia.

ni sunny yg ckp kat i.

Ana Shirin said...

itulah pasal.. dia ada gak pi rain forest sensorang lepas dia sedar yang he needs to be alone after he found himself crying suddenly in the middle of the street... sedih...

amboiiiii, sunny ni banyak pule info..