Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ruang Saya

The major reason I've actually set up a MySpace account is to indulge in listening to brilliant singers who pave their way through this web. Leading on with the success stories of Sandie Thom and Lily Allen who both have been discovered through similar channels, MySpace has become the hub of wonderfully crafted music that otherwise would not be easily available for the masses to reach.

Fellow Malaysian singers seem to use this platform too. Probably because this is where you CAN sound how you want to. Judging from these people, you would find a certain relief in yourself because at last, the music scene is saved from crap... haha. I personally have a few favourites which I "diligently" visit every now and then. Care to visit and enjoy them : )

Najwa Mahiaddin di
Atilia di
Faviq & Ridwan di
RadioStar di
RuffNeck Clique di
Shayna Zaid di
Phlowtron di
Stylustiks di
Quadrose di
Sad Angry Babies di

Malaysia Has Got Talent...


atilia said...

hey thanks!

Ana Shirin said...

my pleasure :)