Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Just Knew That...

* I am a walrus*
* All of the nutrients of the food I eat goes to my hair hence why I am still thin despite the amount of food I consume*
* I am short*
* I sometimes look like Freida Pinto, especially when my eyes get bigger*
* I look my best in high heels*
* I can find a surrogate mother*
* I should not buy a Satria Neo*
* I can be myself and still be comfortable*

Thank You for Letting Me Know and Be All These :)


sd. said...

no 2 *.

patut lah. aku dengki.

tasha said...

anaaaaaaaaaaa... if u r short, what am i?

Ana Shirin said...

Sayda: kau nak sikit nutrient rambut aku? hahaha..

tasha: the issue is I am short-er than someone.. short lar tu. we are normal human being sebenarnya.. hahaha

Anonymous said...

ce ce ceeeeeyyyy =)

i know who allowed you to be all these =)

Ana Shirin said...

sapa? apa? mana? tak tahu pun...

durra said...

ceyyy ceeyy w'pun aku lmbt.

i dont get why are u a walrus again??

Ana Shirin said...

durra: apa yang ceyh ceyh?? aku dah tak paham dah you olls ni semua. well, i'm a walrus because I can wake up at 11am (kadang-kadang) hahaha