Tuesday, June 30, 2009

For S.A.F: A Note On Friendship

It sailed,
For distance that we could never have foreseen,
On the seven seas of glory and misfortune,
Where the tide rocks our world constantly,
Prodding us into a whirlwind of love,
Making us oblivious to the world,
The land of unwhispered dreams,
That we only dared to keep away,
Tightly sealed in the pocket of shame…

It sailed,
For seasons that we could have never framed,
In million eons of grandeur and austerity,
Where the clocks refuse to tick anymore,
Wheeling us into a cyclone of trust,
Making us naïve to the world,
The realm of craved visions,
That we adhered to in sleepless days,
Fulfilling the imaginary wishes…

It sailed,
And it will never stop sailing,
As we have stayed here now,
Even if we moved in different ways,
The wind and seas will conspire to lead us,
Into each other’s way over and over again,
For it sailed and sailed…

And Grammar Shall Prevail.

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