Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Freaking True

I Miss Australia! Sydney, in particular. Last year, it wasn't this bad but now, the feeling of wanting to leap free and just be crazy is getting wilder.

Remember our late nights laughing at our crazy Indian neighbours? When I went out at 2am in only my kaftan to scold them yang memekak watching World Cup Cricket?

Remember the borderline suicidal coffee addiction? We would crank up mugs and mugs of coffee every day plus frequenting Marxine and Gloria Jeans?

Remember just chilling at Sydney Harbour? The bus rides on the bridge that we ultimately got the "whatever" feeling after a while?

Remember the constant careful with food concern? The compass we brought everywhere? The craziest spots we've prayed at?

Remember Hang Tuah? Dan O'Brien? Ilija? Verna (heh!)? Pamela? Darcy? Jean? Sue? Rod?

Remember all the walks in the parks we've enjoyed? All the dogs that chased us along the way? All the people who glared because we were different?

I do remember and it's all good looking back into it now. Let's balik, guys.


Rosyada said...

pakai kaftan tu menang ana....

cek^sou! said...

i envy you for having a chance to have such a great fun/experiences there!

tasha said...

siapa hang tuah? it doesnt ring a bell? haha or maybe it's something that only u and ur hmates je yg tau

Ana Shirin said...

hang tuah is nick in our linguistic class... you know, that guy with the ponytaila