Thursday, April 10, 2008

Taking The Joy Ride

I travel using the public transportation every week to reach Cheras... It's a hassle but I just love observing the nature of human when we are all around strangers. For a bunch of Asians who uphold ourselves as polite and respectful, we are a herd of phoneys and I'm saying this through experiences.

It's very normal to see young men and women not leaving their seats when they see others who need it more than them. There was once a heavily pregnant woman standing in the bus for almost three minutes before I decided to ask a particular young man to give up his seat for her. He did seem a bit pissed off but at least, I'm doing something to help two specific people. If you are so proud of your manhood that my request was demeaning, you should have more common sense to just voluntarily give it up in the first place kan? There was also a few incidents where I gave up my seat for an elderly or pregnant person but some dickhead would just slide onto it and pretend that he/she deserves the seat. Bodoh tau!!!

Then, there's the odd couple we see getting off on the bus. I know for a fact that the Malaysian buses don't really have a good air conditioning system but you find these couples literally glued to each other and some of them goes further than you'd ever think. I travel back on Fridays mostly and it's not a new thing for me to see young Malay men on the bus with their girlfriends (some in hijabs, mind you) during the Friday prayer time. Yalah, I know that whatever you do is between you and God but then if you display it proudly to the world, you're just giving us somewhat of a birth right to sneer at you.

To add, some of these couples are just school kids. There was this one instance where I had to tap on this Malay girl's shoulder clad in her school uniform who was necking her boyfriend while his hands were all over her, just in front of me seating at the back seat! Hallo, so desperate is it? There must be a limit to everything and that was my limit. I mean, I have tolerated many things before like girls giving a peck on the cheek of their boyfriends or holding hands and stuff. Okaylah tu kan? Aku pun liberal jugak but that was too muchlah. Any person in their sanity would do what I did, right?

Responding accordingly to a situation requires a lot of guts, I've discovered that for sure. Sometimes, you just gotta be "bitchy" to get what you want or to point out an obvious misdemeanor. Like Usman Awang said, we have to be kurang ajar to belajar.

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