Thursday, January 17, 2008

Montague Said...

A person called Lady Mary Wortley Montague said that "No entertainment is so cheap as reading, nor any pleasure so lasting"... Terima kasih, Lady Montague for capturing what I feel most of the time.

I'm currently reading the collected short stories of Gabriel Garcia Marquez which is a compilation of stories of among his earliest up to some of the most recent ones... macam nak nangis because IPBA (surpisingly) has it. So, last night I was dwelling on his very, very experimental (even for this period of time, I suppose) stories of death that was looked upon from several different angle. I think Marquez is indeed a genius, too much to contain in words sometimes. I think the way he plays with prose is terribly enticing for my oft-shackled to rules mind. Yes, I do understand that everything I read has been translated from Spanish but I also believe that good translators do capture the soul of the original writers.

I'm only half way through the stories (there's about 20 in it) and I'm already considering to buy the book. But there's Kam Raslan's Confessions of An Old Boy and Farish A. Noor's From Majapahit to Putrajaya to but (both would cost me around RM75).. Dina Azman's I'm A Muslim would probably be readily accessible soon through Nina (hehehehe). I'm also planning to read everything by Pramoedya Ananta Toer that I can get my hands on after this....

I know, I'm ambitious but ambition is good!

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