Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's Been A While

I feel so guilty of hogging a space on the web and not updating it... macam semakkan tempatlah, more or less :p

my life has been great since I came back although I must say I got tired of answering to people why I am so thin... Believe me, it is beyond my control.. I tried very hard but I just can't seem to become a little chubbier.. But this new self is also alright whaaattt???

I just got a new haircut about three weeks ago. Pretty drastic, I must say and I cursed pakcik Ming Wai (my hairdresser) for cutting it this short but I got good responses for it despite me actually crying my eyes out the night I got the haircut... haha

Met most of the INFs, was pretty interesting to meet people you've only been talking to through the online medium.. They're a crazy bunch, something I need to get used to (I think.. hehehe). Looking forward to a lot of things in the future for all of us :)

Adapting to IPBA has been a little crazy too. The first week I was very moody and poor Nina had to deal with me all day and all night. Yes, nina is my roommate (yeah!). I think she is the only humanly form refuge I can really depend on here in IPBA (owh, durra and nisya too :p). We had a few problems sorting out our places here in the hostel and some of us nearly got into a dispute if we hadn't chose to confront each other about it. Thankfully, we managed to clear things out and we also managed to identify the "culprit" who has maliciously tried to deceive all of us with her stunts... people, people.. IPBA has only started for two weeks and all the dramas are already out :p

And I've been guilty of indulging myself in a lot of angauness.. Should stop before it gets out of hand and I "endanger" myself. Sometimes, a little crush develops itself overnight through thoughts we choose to feed to it. I am only concerned about being a little too hasty that it will merimaskan the other party.. so for the time being, Ana should just take it slow ya?? :)

Owwh, well... You might be bored reading about all these stuff but I promise to continue updating this blog with something more substantial in the near future (waaahhh, macam berkhidmat untuk kerajaan pulak).. until then, toodles


BETTY A. said...

u dh kne dok hostel ker? feel like mcm zaman skolah2 plak...heheh =P

Ana Shirin said...

yeee... duduk hostel okeeehh... macam tak percaya pun ada :p