Thursday, August 20, 2009


Guess what arrived in the mail about two weeks ago?? NME2 through the not-so snail mail! In your face, Kuantan!

Here's what happened: The whole school was anxiously waiting for the announcement of whether our school would be granted with a week break due to H1N1 outbreak so I notified Nina of the issue. She let out a shriek, I was surprised!

Nina: Ana, you kena tunggu sampai posmen datang tomorrow tau!
Ana : Haaa... why??
Nina: Because I sent something through the mail... You KENA tunggu!
Ana : (being smart as I always am) Did you sent in NME2?
Nina: Yeaaaaaaaa... I couldn't bear to think that you akan read the book two weeks lagi
Ana : Kaaaaan??? But Oh My God! You sangat sayang kat I, I sayang you juga *tears*
Nina: Awwwwhhh.. Durra yang beli, I postkan
Ana : I sayang jugaklah kat Durra... But you, you... *speechless*

My Girls are the best.. Who can top this?

*by now, I have finished reading the book and I can't wait for NME3.. hats off to Amir Sharipudin, Ann Lee and Shanon Shah for opening the curious can of the unknown for me*


Rosyada said...

the book cover is lovely kan?

Ana Shirin said...

yeah, indeed :)

ah^kam_koko' said...

Care to enlighten this uninspired male as to what NME stands for?

Rosyada said...

NME stands for "New Malaysian Essays"

Anonymous said...

sesungguhnya, ini membuktikan bahawa aku memang tak boleh buat surprise untuk kau... mesti terbongkar jua akhirnya. H1N1 ini memang menyusahkan.