Saturday, August 01, 2009


This is how my cubicle looks like almost all working days, an organised chaos which Hafiz Hazim once cleverly referred to as an aftermath of a horrendous typhoon. There are too many things to do, notice the hills of books waiting for me to peek in and later, have a severe headache over it (owwh, the constant perfectionist is annoying!)

Thus, I am in office at 7.30am on a beautiful Saturday morning, having Nesvita+Weetbix for breakfast while simultaneously correcting grammar and sentence structure in essays albeit my own concurrent mistakes in the same areas are still apparent.

I miss my other Saturday mornings back home, the ones either spent gobbling down The Mother's thosai or having a chai latte+wholegrain muffin at my favourite coffee spot, Marmalade over a good book and the newspaper.

Shit, I just realised that I just might be a workaholic.


Anonymous said...

too much of school kan?

i've been working for 7 consecutive saturdays and sundays and this weekend i'm free.

but, i woke up yesterday and felt empty... (tak boleh blah). called a few friends for breakfast but they're all tied down do something, so i went to school! and cheered for my school team who was playing for Liga Sukan Komuniti.

i really need a life!

Ana Shirin said...

babe, i serioooooooussssly know what you mean.

where has our carefree soul gone to? Sydney, come back to me!

Anonymous said...

hafiz Hazim did that??

Ana Shirin said...

ono, he said that it's like a typhoon. Husni, comprehension! :p

ah^kam_koko' said...

Girls tend to pour so much of themselves into their work that they end up empty.
You should spend some time filling yourself up by doing something for yourself sometimes!

tasha said...

you have very nice cubicle. i mean, u have a cubicle to begin with!! best gileeee!!! almost mcm kat office.

Anonymous said...

i'm copying Russell Peters tone when he said "u have a rooooom" in this next sentence...


i envy u. envy u sekejap. then i remember that u also work on sundays... now i kesian kat u balik... u deserve to have a cubicle =)