Friday, July 03, 2009

What Does A Guy Do That Makes Me Smile?

You know when you see random stuff and you smile? For example, when you see a really cute kid and your eyes just lights up upon the sight. Similarly, I feel a certain delight when I see a guy doing these things-

a) accompanying his mum on a shopping trip
b) wearing baju melayu to kenduris and weddings (seriously, very few do this nowadays)
c) playing with Rubic cubes
d) wears gorgeous glasses that frames his face well
e) reading a book (not a car gear magazine)
f) playing with children who are not his own kids
g) cleaning up/ tidying up his house
h) earnestly jogging without oggling the passing girls' properties
j) holding up the door for strangers
k) checking his tie in the lift reflection
l) when he smiles that stranger smile (which is something that Malaysians always misunderstand)

On that note, I'll just relate an opinion thrown about myself. Someone bluntly said that he thinks I wouldn't look twice at a large guy. That was his critical thinking skills being applied where he tries to make a generalisation based on my choice of partner before this. I was taken aback by such accusation. Yes, thin is good but it's not the only way to go. I am also a human being, who am I to crave or demand such perfection when only God is perfect?

Apparently, it's easy to make me smile :)


sd. said...

c) playing with rubic cubes.

you can it that everywhere in my school these few days. in the class (the boys of course) as well as in the staffroom (the 'boys'-teachers). it's like a new kegilaan in the school lah.

and i'm thinking that one day the rubic cubes akan diharamkan di sekolah ku. hehe.

Anonymous said...

aku juge akan senyum bile aku nampak:


but i know what i will not smile at... if a guy carries his gf's handbag... wahai si gadis, boleh tak pegang tas tangan kecilmu itu sendiri, kerna ia membuatkan teman lakimu seperti hilang kejantanannya... it's not that heavy pun. dependent girls.

Ana Shirin said...

sayda: maka aku akan sengih kerang busuk if i were at your school :)

nina: yeah, true! it's okay kalau tolong pegang je, kadang2 ada yang siap pakai like a girl. what??!! what??!!

Anonymous said...

seriously, i told Johan about it, and he was like, "aku pun tak suke."

it seems that there was this one time, a colleague asked him to tolong pegangkan her handbag, and guess what he said...

"ingat aku ni hanger nak tolong pegang2kan handbag kau?"

i love Johan. thank God he's my best friend.

i don't even let my used-to-be boyfriends hold my handbag when i go to the ladies. that is how much i hate to see a guy holding a girl's handbag. sheesh.