Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Taking The Leap

How bloody lucky can you be to just see someone and straight away know that they are your soul mate and partner for life? That you don't have to bother to try anything, you don't even need to know if he/she is taken or not, you don't even need to know if he/she is a real human being... You just know that God (being the Supreme Being that He is) fashioned everything in a manner that this person was made for you, and only for you while other obstacles can stand in the way and be completely irrelevant.

I'm reading A Leap of Love by Catherine Lim (owwwwhhh... don't you just love her??!). It's a story of love between Li Ann and Jeremy, two strangers whose love for each other will (presumably) withstand the test of time and prying eyes. Set on every 29th February which only happens once in four years (just in case you didn't notice), they promise to meet each other up at the same cafe, same time, same table regardless of the circumstances. I've only read right up to Chapter 6 (after Li-ann's first encounter with Jeremy)but I have this achy feeling in my heart that this story will not end the way I want it to (yes, let's use the concept of foreshadowing- sila rujuk Literature Appreciation for Dummies.)

Owh well, I would have been finished reading it by tomorrow (I think).. We'll see whether love is, after all, the moving cause in life. For the time being, I want to bask in the glory of love (gaya King Julian of Madagascar)

On a slightly different note, I've just finished reading Dina Zaman's I Am Muslim... I was moved with Dina's honesty but I have to admit that I was a little bit surprised by some her discoveries/experiences which were liberally handled. Yet again, I feel that Dina Zaman is a thinker who knows what she's dealing with thus she can deal handle it without qualms because she has strong beliefs. I guess that is clearly reflected in the heavy nuances of the rationality and the practicality of the beautiful religion each time she faces such a situation. That would be an indicator that this book wants to deal with you as you are, like a normal human being with dilemmas and queries. Islam itu agama yang syumul and I think that is the whole point of the book. Thank You, Dina for exploring forbidden frontiers and boldly re-telling them for Malaysians as well as being a representative of Malaysian Muslims-no matter which type we call ourselves-

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