Thursday, October 18, 2007

Raya Raya Sydney

I know it's kinda late to do this and I'm doing this at this very,very "apt" time too (i.e 1.40am when I have a test coming up later in the day.. but then, who gives a dang right?) but I just thought I might share my potpouri of feelings.

*It was quite hectic even though we have been making preparations for eid about a week earlier. Most of the basic stuff for the cooking seesion were ready two days earlier but we still worked until the eleventh hour before the guests came for the small celebration we had on 1 Syawal*

*I'm grateful that I have these great housemates celebrating with me... They are the reasons why I actually felt happier for eid this year (compared to last year, of course). Thank You, Thank You, Thank You...*

*The eid solat was done within the given circumstances. I'm proud that my close friend was given the chance to read the khutbah. The only thing missing was probably the cokmar, eyh?*

*I finally received my baju kurungs on Friday (12th October). Was very delighted to see that my mum and siblings chose something that really suits me. Was a little bit disappointed to learn that one of the baju kurungs is tooooooo huge (it's a ready-made M, no wonder). Wore 4 traditional clothings in two days. Felt a little bit of overdoing it :p*

One of Four

*Couldn't reach my mum on the phone until around 1pm on 1 Syawal and was almost reduced to tears. Finally got through and all my uncles/aunts were sharing the ending of "Kerana Cintaku Saerah" with me on the loudspeaker... Our family is such a cliche*

*Loved Unit 38's Snow White Biscuits and Blackcurrant Jelly, Unit 37+36's Dalca and Ayam Merah, Unit 107's Rendang, Iffah+Syal+Zye+Izzati's Lidah Jin and Kuah Lodeh, Syikin+Amrien's Mama Carey Biscuits and Cheese Cake/Biscuits*

*We played the firecrackers without any guilt because it's LEGAL here... For once, we were the ones making noise that our neighbours practically came around to peek at us. I bet they thought we were making some bombs and stuff.*

*Gave some food to our chosen neighbours (obviously not the boofheads next-doors). The cute European guy who lives opposite us seemed genuinely touched that we included him in our feast... Well, if you're nice, of course we undoubtedly will treat you so too*

*We had guests coming on two separate days despite having prepared to only receive them with a feast on the first day. All the same, we were more than happy to have them in our humble home with the little things we can cook up. Hope you guys had a great time like we did*

*My 5 closest Malaysian friends (with Nina and Shah missing in the equation) paid a visit to my mum on Wednesday, 17th October. Nabil, Asraf, Amin, Wan and Khairiyah were served biskut samprit that was supposedly saved for me when I come home later (I doubt Nabil can resist the temptations to gooble it up), drank sirap and watched jutawan fakir. Yeah, all my three favourite raya things... The six of us+mummy talked on the loudspeaker for just 15 minutes and already we were talking about when Acap or Amin will get married. The conversation ended when we realised that we have left the pan on the stove for toooooo long and it's on fire!*

Two Of Four

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