Monday, October 29, 2007

I Love It!

It's getting pretty hot nowadays in Sydney... Good, I need to get ready for Malaysia again right? I'm counting the days to be back in MySpace! I'm looking forward to late nights at the mamak and back at sipping teh tareks instead of mochas or lattes, munching roti canais instead of vegie sandwhiches, hitting the scene instead of peeking through and watching my family laugh in front of the tv instead of just hearing them... I'm loving it!

But with that, there will also be the less-anticipated awkwardness of seeing two familiar faces later. Catching them both at the same time would be somewhat inevitable too and I can only cross my fingers that I will not trip over for feeling completely overwhelmed. Well, sometimes we just gotta do what we gotta do if we want to be balanced. I'm determined not to become something I used to hate and for that, it might mean some broken "promises". (Damn, I wonder why I want to be sooooo cryptic? As if it can be brokenlah plak kan??) Hurrrmmm.. Not so loving it.

In conclusion, I love what I have now and I will hopefully love what awaits me in the future (Insya Allah). Point taken?? well, at least please do consider it :p


Anonymous said...

Two familiar faces?
i mcm kenal je sapa orang2nye...
i blk awal dr u, n i hope i won't have to face 2 familiar faces gak... *fingers crossed*
they'd better not come to midvalley, because nisya dh volunteer nak cmpk sumting to the gal's face... haha... i love all of my friends, so supportive =P

miss u ana =)

Ana Shirin said...

i miss u too... i pun nak mencampak sekali, boleh kan?