Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Old School Style..

Remember the gooooooood old schooling days? The friends, the teachers, the pranks, the love, the drama, the classes, the bell that signposts the beginning and the end.. All of those things happening when you thought that life is so problematic and that you needed to break free from the existing world of yours? I bet that looking back now, you just can't help but to smile at all of the history you've been through and how you have changed a lot in just a few years.. Yup, we all change beyond our reproach, whether we like it or not, whether we realise it or not, whether we want it or not... yeah, life is not stagnant but hey, life can also be beautiful to reminisce upon.

Just on that note, I know some of us have been active member of the school team... What I meant is that you've represented your school in competitions, sports events etc. As a memorabilia, let's go through them eyh?? Come on, it won't cause you that much of a harm anyway... It's just some people rummaging through your closet and discovering that you were a possible nerd in those days (and might still be one today) :p

Primary school:
Story Telling competition (junior primary & upper primary)-state representative
Choral Speaking in Primary 5 (zone representative) and Primary 6
Sports Day's Marching Commandant (Primary 5)
Science and Kajian Tempatan Quiz (Primary 5 & 6)
Spelling Bee Primary 5 and 6 (we sucked big time in this.. haha)

Secondary School:
English Debate Team (Form 4 and 5)- 3rd place Hulu Langat District
Forum Bahasa Melayu (Form 5)- knew about the competition a day before it was held- 4th place in Hulu Langat District with Shah, Sumitha and Yasmin
Syarahan Perdana Program IWK (Form 4)- crapped the whole time but got 3rd Place
Choral Speaking (Form 2 & 3)-the best times of my life *sigh*
Drama Competition (Form 4)- i was a good narrator, ok?
History Quiz (Form 3 and 5)-yeah, yeah.. i was a nerd
Nasyid (Form 4 and 5)- i see you giggling

With this, I'm now tagging Tasha, Alin, Nisa, Syada (aktiviti tadika pun boleh include juge kalau sekolah rendah tak berapa aktif), Fariza and Nina to compile their record.. Selamat....


Milo's Evil Twin said...

Oh my, somebody was a busy little bee at school, all I managed was to get put on report for smoking in the ladies!

Ana Shirin said...

Milo: that's still a record anyway.. hahaha

.:alin~yussuff:. said...

Lailatul HairaNNi u tak letak ke?
2 thn berturut2 k..
tetap x menang..

tasha said...

anaaaa~! tak baik ok tag org buat benda camni haiyyyooo

kene korek memori la nih hahaah adeyh!

wah alin, lailatul hairanni? nasyid ipba tu ke? hehe

Ana Shirin said...

itu baguih punye record tu... curtsy baguih dok ada! yang penting, semangat...

cek^sou! said...

awak buat saya rindu sekolah sangat sangat.. dah la this pat few days kawan2 sekolah plak asyik contact2.. then dapat berita ade reunion... arghh.. i wanna be 16 forever!

soyasofya said...

ana masuk history quiz??? wwowwwwww.. respect aarrr!

Ana Shirin said...

cek sou: ahahahaha.. saya tak bersalah atas semua kenangan2 manis anda ya... you deserved it

soya: syoooohhhhh... malulah kalau orang dengar ;p

Anonymous said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaa, aku di tag!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm a nerdfreak??? takpe2... i don't feel so bad, cos i know, ko pon same kan? hehe