Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Most Wanted List

I find solace in shopping... I'm not surprised why Syada, Nisa and Durra all looked at me when Grant mentioned about the current generation being too concious about appearance at last Friday's lecture (and the correct term is brand savvy yeeee).. hahahahaha

1) A Guess hand held bag that suspiciously looks a lot like the Gwen Stefani's LeSportSac L.A.M.B collection.. Only available in QVB and Bondi Junction, though.
2) Marc Jacobs Stam Bag~saya mahu, saya mahu, saya mahu~
3) Spoylt's super skinny jeans at JeansWest.. cool stuff to go with the recently bought shoes : )
4) Versace Glam 50ml EDP
5) Nike Air Force One in gold and pink at GeneralPants Co.

I'm waiting for June patiently : )


Anonymous said...

terer sungguh brg2 yg ingin dibeli... waduh, waduh...

kikiey said...

you are one hell of a shoppe-freak!ahax...

Ana Shirin said...

nina: kamu ni.. jangan menjatuhkan semangat aku deh

kikiey: you should know me better, babe.. hahaha