Friday, August 11, 2006

Mornings Like This

My day started pretty darn early today... I had a two hour lecture that starts at 9am and the whole stretch of the lecture was filled with George giving us information... Well, sometimes, I think too much for my own liking. I mean, i like George and all. He's good homoured and knows how to interact with the crowd. But the place we chose to sit at this morning was a particularly dangerous one, since we were the ones that are directly facing Encik George.. Not Good, people! Plus the fact that I was watching Bujang Senang and Baik Punya Cilok with Durra when I was supposed to do my readings yesterday, definitely did not boost my confidence to be in that I-expect-an-eye-contact-from-you-position... Booyah!

There's something about George that is so traditional yet compelling, though. Not only did he expected us to attend the lectures even though there is a I-Lecture for this subject (any MacQuarians who doesn't have a clue about this, check the WebCT and see the scary fonts he chose to use to remind us of our responsibilities), he also expects us to be on our guards and be interactive. Well, that is good, judging from the fact that more people can voice out their thoughts and share them with us. I respect his intention and think that it is particularly important to see whether we have reached the outcomes of the lecture. But the minds of very young people like us (hehe) might not have the capacity to listen to another student relating EACH and EVERY experience he possibly has as a Physics teacher to us. Ok, he has more experience and stuff but i sometimes feel that it disrupts the class.

Which brings me to my LING253 tutorials that I'm totaaaaally digging this semester (We Love Nick and Simon!). I know that some people just simply has an immense amount of knowledge and they are sooooo eager to share it with the rest of the world, but if you butt in each time Sue Spinks says a different sentence, I assure you that all you're doing is adding the collection of tutorial mates who will soon decide they should change their timeslot no matter how many redtabs they would have to go through... Yes, I assure you, it's THAT drastic.

I have the Educational Assesment tutorial coming up in less than 2 hours after the lecture... and I am supposed to be reading the loooooooong and dense chapter 1 and 2 from Killen's book. Luckily, i managed to finish reading the chapters twice because Rod Lane (yang comeeeeeel bangat) is not a tutor who is willing to feed you with all the information. He actually scared me when he said that there is no way anyone of you is going to escape his eye... Haha... I wouldn't want to pun. Betul, dia memang comel sungguh.. Tutor yang memberikanku semangat untuk lebih tekun (ewah).. His style was the active participation style and he wants everyone to contribute. I enjoyed his tutorial and this could possibly be among the tutorial I'm going to continue enjoying through out my education years.

To sum up, even though Durra and Syada left me out in their MC trip, i still had fun today even though it started out as an early and blurry one. looking forward to another Thursday in the future... Killen, help me out!


rosyada said...

we DIDN'T leave u out ana ... sungguh!

Ana Shirin said...

cukuplah syada... cukup... hentikanlah pujuk rayumu..

durra~ said...

ye sungguh kuase 2.kami tak ajak je.hehe

Ana Shirin said...

Hebat sungguh ayat ko durra...

sampai aku tak faham apa bendanya kuase 2???

Nisa~ said...

takpe ana~ diorang mmg tanak kawan kite dah~ kite ade each other kan?
takper takper... seri serimpit...~~~