Thursday, December 16, 2010

two roads diverged

as i have so proudly proclaimed in a previous post, i am now a driver although you might think that i am about 7 years late.. a close company said that i am a 'modernised driver with a late license' after an online banter where i rightfully so called him a cat murderer for running over a meowing creature on his attempts to drive. but that's just the thing, most of us will go through a traumatising experience as novice driver, whatmore if your first few weeks are spent driving in KL, the merciless city.

why do i say it's merciless, you ask? well, it's because the P sign pasted on my car means nothing to other drivers, maybe they think my P stands for 'pelumba' instead of 'percubaan' as they expect that i must be able to cilok through any roads without hesitations. yes, i have passed the JPJ test successfully but i feel that experienced drivers should cut us some slacks and give us some opportunities to master the skills of driving. some drivers just love to tailgate us, new drivers, with a smirk on their face. Abang rasa jantan ya bila buat mcm tu?

and i bet that any good citizen who feel that law is something fundamental and somewhat sacred, will agree that drivers in Malaysia are forced to continuously break the rules or else, risk being road bullied or ridiculed by others. the roadsigns mean nothing, the speed limit seems to be a sore loser who screams silently in its red & white reminder. no one gives a damn about the rules as though whatever they have learnt during those 8 gruelling hours at the driving schools seem to go out the window when dealing in real life situation.

yet i have to remind myself against my own frustration that almost everything we learn theoretically would usually be something else when applied in practical terms. not much of what we have learnt in school or college are in any way a parallel to real life, right? so, why did i become such an idealist when i very well knew that what appeared in books can only prepare me so much while the rest depends on me?

maybe the idea that i am deemed as inadequate to compete while at the same time risking many lives on the road seem to be weary and dreadful because i am usually turned on by the idea of being in control (hence i chose being a teacher instead the owh-so-depending-on-the-judge-lawyer.) How do i overcome the frustration while being objective if people continue to push me into doing things that i disdain?
for these two roads that i have in front of me do not seem to be appealing at all- one to be a wreckless and selfish driver who might endanger my life while the other to be a driver who follows rules but honked and sneered at all the time.

jomlah kita pening sama-sama and figure this out.


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mYeQa said...

you'll be a good driver someday. siap leyh racing ngan i kat litar.

kat litar k...

Nina Samad said...

hurm... be one or the other, according to the situation... boleh? huahua...