Monday, March 07, 2011

An Open Letter of An Open Heart

I woke up, quite startled as I was rudely jolted from a long dream. A dream I didn't necessarily wanted to escape from because in that particular reverie, I could see you. I can't quite remember what we were up to but after 4 months of not seeing you, it felt surreal to be able to share a space albeit it was imaginary or rather, a subconscious hope that still lingers. A hope that I have falsely built in my being for the past 4 years- that you, of course, will not be held responsible for because you have never said anything.

4 years would have been a long time for either of us to decide what was best for us, whether we were given the opportunity to grace each others' life forever. But I have refused to see the real picture and I blame myself for not being able to acknowledge that we might not last. I blame myself for perceiving the signals that I assumed meant a reciprocated feeling and I blame myself for falling in love when it was uncalled for.

I remember that you would make me feel like a teenager on the early mornings when we had a date as I would sing along to cheesy pop tunes while smiling and grooming for the upcoming hours that I have been looking forward for three months. The distance just made me love the prospect of seeing you and observing what changes have curtailed in you. Then I would hear stories about people I haven't met and listen to whatever is on your mind. I would eat and you would.. watch! Then I would talk and you would listen back. It was like table tennis, I know. And I could just be myself with you, no pretension of any sort because that is how I wished you could be with me. I loved your jokes, the way you'd sometimes be moody for no reasons and your wild imagination. It was refreshingly great for me to be with a man like you.

Alas, after a few years, you probably then came to realise that I am not the one hence we ought to readdress whatever we have shared and voila- I am suddenly your friend. You used to make my life fulfilled that when we decided to let this go, there is this huge hollow void in me. But I have this funny feeling that you are moving on quite well, that my absence actually gives you some freedom and liberation. Currently, I don't know what hurts more- the idea of not being with you or the thought that I have been chaining you down for God-knows-how-long. For all those phone calls and texts that were left unattended, it's evident of your reluctance of even reserving a tiny space for me. I kicked myself for continuously degrading myself by doing so but as all men and women who have to experience this crazy feeling of letting go, I would finally remind myself that I am unwanted by you.

All of those thoughts ran through my head in a wild few minutes, with my emotions shattered into pieces. I wiped a lone tear and clipped my hair as I head for a shower because a new day is beginning. A fresh start needs to be made but it was all led by a single notion- you.